GGU History

Golden Gate Urology was formed when a small group of visionary Urologists sought to bring multiple specialists together to provide different options for urology patients. They recognized that excellence is rooted in specialization and dedication to integrated patient care by those specialists. Over the course of 3 years, the initial small group of physicians grew. They focused on developing a dedicated prostate cancer center and pathology lab, which had never been accomplished in the area before. Experts from around the country came together with the task of obtaining the best equipment and expertise for their patients.

There were many challenges that had to be overcome. Finding a convenient location for the East Bay, San Francisco, Marin and the Peninsula was difficult. This was especially true given the requirement that the equipment required 30 foot ceilings and ground level space due to loading. In addition, San Francisco’s restrictive medical zoning laws further restricted the possible locations. Patient convenience and safety were always the highest priority. Many months went by without a suitable location being found.

Finally, a beautiful ground floor space was obtained at 139 Townsend Street in a building built shortly after the 1906 Earthquake. The site was convenient to MUNI and BART since it is located across the street from ATT ballpark. To help patients, valet parking was arranged at no cost to the patients. Excavation for the site began shortly thereafter and while no historical artifacts were found, workers at the site frequently joked about finding a sailing ship from the 19th century buried under the site. Fortunately, the center is located on hard shale within the confines of the original land mass of San Francisco. The Townsend office moved to 1661 Mission in 2020.

The initial vision of Golden Gate Urology’s founding physicians is now fulfilled. Today, patients are treated at the center with the knowledge that they are cared for as individuals. They know that their Urologists, Radiation Oncologists and Pathologists all put patient care first. They know they will receive the most advanced options for care and that they have choices. Golden Gate Urology was built for our patients only because of the dedication and hard work of many people.