Jeffrey Wieder, MD

Dr. Jeffrey WiederDr. Jeff Wieder received his B.S. in kinesiology (human physiology) from UCLA in 1990 and his M.D. from University of California, San Diego in 1994. He completed his residency in general surgery and urology at the University of Miami. Thereafter, he completed a 2 year fellowship in Urologic Oncology at UCLA in 2002 and received a certification from the Society of Urologic Oncology.

Dr. Wieder authored a urology textbook, The Pocket Guide to Urology, which one of the most popular reference books used by residents, nurses, and practicing urologists. He is also a contributing author for (the American Urologic Association's on-line resource for patients) and helped develop the international clinical guidelines for bladder cancer in 2004. Dr. Wieder also enjoys creative writing and sports in his free time.

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